May 4, 2015

Kun Anta (Be Yourselves)

Setelah sekian lama mama tak share apa2 lagu dalam blog ni tertiba...lagu ini menangkap ke jiwa...

Memang tengah viral gak kan lagu ni...
Apapun..this song does bring a good reminder for all of us...

Just always be yourselves...
Tak perlulah nak jadi orang lain mahupun Datin Wannabe ke...
Plastik suggery ke...
Be humble always...dalamilah lirik lagu ini yang mama amik dari youtube...
Ia sangatlah bermakna....

Be Yourself
In order to keep up with them, I imitated their looks and exterior
So I became someone else – just to boast
And I thought that through that I’d gained a fortune
But I found that I’d lost, for these are mere appearances
No, no,
We don’t need wealth to increase in beauty
Our essence is here, in our hearts it shines
No, no
We will not seek to please others with that which we deem unbefitting for ourselves
That is our beauty, rising and ascending above
Oh wo oh, oh wo oh..
Be yourself and you will increase in beauty
I accept people but I don’t imitate them
Except for what I agree with, to satisfy myself
I will just be myself, just the way I am, this is me
My conviction suffices, this is my certainty
I’ll be what I please to be
I won’t seek their acceptance
I’ll be whom I love to be
Why would I care about their acceptance

Okay just nak share lagu ni je...tambah viralkan lagi...hehehe...

Always remember...hati yang jernih dapat dilihat dengan 'mata'...

Have a nice and beautiful days!!!


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